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The TOOTHFIX includes everything necessary for making at least 10 replacement teeth



is an incredible method,
that will allow you to fill dental deficiencies quickly and at low cost.

If you're missing a tooth as a result of extraction or unfortunate accident, you must realise how expensive are dentures & crowns offered by dental practices. Prices for a single implant reach thousands of pounds. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such an expense. A missing tooth can cause a lower self-esteem, you may experience problems with smiling and speaking freely. This has an enormous impact on your self-confidence. The role of temporary tooth replacements is to provide an inexpensive and quick fix for a missing tooth.

The package contains special material in the form of pellet. When heated in warm water, the pellet changes its state and amalgamates in a way that enables moulding a replacement tooth. The amount of pellet allows you to make about 10 replacements. The package includes a detailed instructional brochure presenting a step-by-step description of how to make replacements all by yourself. Additionally, the brochure contains information regarding the way for changing the colour of replacements to make it match the colour of one's own teeth. If you want to learn more, please feel free to visit the FAQ section.
  • The replacements are easy to make owing to the included instructional brochure.
  • It only takes heating the material in warm water and shaping the tooth.
  • The replacements are made of non-toxic fully biodegradable material.
  • No specialist tools are required for making the replacements.
  • Most clients make their replacements within a few minutes all by themselves.
You can now replace a missing tooth in an easy, pain-free and, most of all, inexpensive way without leaving home.

The kit includes:
Material for making at least 10 replacement.
A detailed, step by step colour instruction booklet on how to create a tooth.
What do our clients think of our tooth replacement kit?
The replacements look really realistic. All my friends and family were very surprised to see me without the hideous gap between my teeth. Many thanks!
I've got to admit, that in the beginning it took me a while to construct the tooth replacement properly, but I’ve got no problem with it now. You wouldn't even notice I'm wearing a false tooth! Great product. I highly recommend it.
I wanted to let you know I got the product right on the next day after placing my order and I'm very surprised with the result. It's very easy to use, I've made my first replacement tooth at the first attempt. I'll be using these until my fixed prosthesis isn't ready. The product exceeded my expectations. I'm glad I've found your store. I'll recommend it to all my friends, naturally!
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Q: How do the replacements stay in the right place?
A: This result is achieved by the replacement fitting tightly between adjacent teeth. The method for fitting the replacement is described in detail in the included instructional brochure.

Q: How long will such a replacement last?
A: These replacements last for several months. After this period you can make another one. Please take into account the fact, that the replacements are temporary and cosmetic.

Q: Can I make more than one replacement with use of the kit I will get?
A: Yes, the kit includes enough material to make about 10 replacements.

Please read our Full FAQ for more detailed answers.

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